Report Mistake

Why Report Mistake

Hello readers of we hope you find the materials we have provided useful. However, the possibility of some errors in our worksheets due to negligence or some technical reasons cannot be ruled out.
Therefore, we request that if you come across any such error, you should bring it to our notice. So that we can improve it as soon as possible and publish a revised version for you. We want Elementary Education to be easy and enjoyable for students and teachers from all over the world. And for this we are regularly creating Excellent and Innovative worksheets. You can also participate in our efforts so that if there is any mistake in the worksheet, you can report it here.
Similarly, if you see a useful worksheet on another website or book and it is available in a very expensive or limited format, you can send it to us through the Demand Worksheet page. We will definitely make a worksheet of that format and make it available to you for Free.